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  • Historic City of Chelsea Resolution as Sanctuary City to Immigrants - 6/4/07 Click Here

  • Briefing Note for North American Migrants Rights Activists on Recent African Migration Experiences, European Union Repression, and European-African Activist Responses

    by Jeanne Koopman

    January 31, 2007 -- There is a striking similarity between North America and Europe experiences in the recent upsurge in unauthorized migration from the South, the militarization of borders, anti-immigrant legislation, criminalization of undocumented migrants, government raids, and expulsions. In response, migrants’ rights activists in Europe, North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) and West Africa (Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, Niger, Benin) are mobilizing communities, organizing activist forums and networks, and conducting demonstrations at national and international levels.

    This note is meant to inform the North American migrants’ rights movement of recent events in Europe and Africa as part of a wider effort to promote international unity in the struggle for migrants’ rights.

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    Nairobi, Kenya, January 20-25, 2007

    Report by Sergio Reyes, for the World Social Forum Boston Organizing Committee and the Boston May Day Coalition (2/14/07)

    The seventh edition of the World Social Forum took place for the first time in an African country. Naturally, the organizers' intention was to attract a larger African presence in the Forum. While the official figures of participants by country has not yet been released, it is possible that African participation was indded larger than in previous versions of the Forum. The total number of participants was estimated by Forum officials to be 60,000 (lately the estimation is 40,000). It is important to point out though that original expectations went from 150,000 down to 100,000, and they were further lowered by reality.

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  • October 7, 2006: Transnational Day of Action Against Migration Controls On this document the European left that worked closely with the European Social Forum point the way in the definition of the situation as one of violation of migrant workers rights and proposes the internationalization of the struggle against it. Click here.

  • International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families. Adopted by the General Assembly resolution 45/158 of 18 December 1990. Enters into force on July 1, 2003. Click here.

  • Convención internacional sobre la protección de los derechos de todos los trabajadores migratorios y de sus familiares -- Adoptada por la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas en su resolución 45/158, de 18 de diciembre de 1990. Para ver el documento completo (en formato .pdf) pinche aqui.

  • Remarks by AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Linda Chavez-Thompson at Immigration Press Briefing of February 2006. Click here.

  • Assesment of the action called by the Boston May Day Coalition at the Boston Common on May 1st. 2006 Click here.

  • Historic City of Cambridge Resolution as Sanctuary City to Undocumented Immigrants - 5/8/06 Click Here

  • National Call to Action on May Day by the Los Angeles Coalition. Click Here

  • National Statement to Support Human and Civil Rights for All Immigrants And to Oppose Compromise Immigration Reform Proposals Click Here

  • Declaración Nacional Para apoyar los derechos humanos y civiles de todos los y las
    inmigrantes y contra las propuestas pactadas sobre reforma migratoria
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  • lro. de Mayo - Día Internacional de los Trabajadores: Los Mártires de Chicago en el Corazón de los Trabajadores Latinos.
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  • May Day 1886 -- The Haymarket Affair (a short history) Click here.

  • Statement on the Rising Immigrant Rights Movement: Add the Voice of Arab-Americans to the Demand for Justice and Dignity!
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