Adopted unanimously with one abstention by the National Conference of the National May First Movement for Worker and Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, Feb. 4, 2007

1) Full legalization for All NOW!

Immediate, permanent, non-revocable legal residence for ALL who live here.

2) Human rights for all. Stop arrests, detentions, and deportations of im/migrants NOW!

End the roundups, detentions without charges, detentions based on secret evidence, secret trials, torture, and holding detainees incommunicado by repealing the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, and the Military Commissions Act. End the assault on OUR human rights. Release ALL who are held without criminal charges NOW. We demand FULL due process and equal justice rights for ALL regardless of citizenship, immigration status, national origin, race, creed, sex or sexual orientation.

3) No to border walls, militarization of the border, and the criminalization of im/migrants!

Stop another wall of shame. Stop the use of local law enforcement for immigration purposes. Stop the attacks, abuse, and xenophobic campaign against im/migrants. We say No to employer sanctions. We say No to laws that criminalize undocumented migrant workers. We say Yes to family reunification.

4) Equal rights for all workers NOW!

Equal pay and working conditions for foreign born and native-born workers. No to guest worker / "bracero" programs. No firings based on immigration status, “no match” letters, “I9” forms, etc. Enforce civil and labor rights laws. ALL workers must have the unrestricted right to organize, act collectively and strike, regardless of their immigration status or terms of employment. Full labor rights for so called and misclassified “independent contractors” such as taxi drivers, troqueros (truck drivers), carpenters, food service workers, and workers in the underground economy everywhere, in particular in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

5) Jobs for all NOW!

We demand jobs at a livable wage to provide affordable and public housing, health care, childcare, education, and other vital social services. We demand a broad reconstruction program starting with New Orleans and the Gulf Coast and continuing throughout the country. We demand that this program be accomplished by hiring workers through direct government employment to rebuild housing, in particular public housing, public schools, public hospitals, day care centers, and other vital projects. Fund the program by de-funding all the wars.

We Declare: No human being should ever be illegal!