BMDC Denounces Attack on The Mapping Project

The Boston May Day Coalition denounces the attacks on The Mapping Project which traces and exposes Massachusetts complicity in the racist dispossession of Palestinians from their own homeland — nothing less than a modern version of the shameful history of the United States, genocide right up to the present today against North America’s first peoples.

With this condemnation, the BMDC takes a firm stand in support of Boston’s movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against the country called Israel, along with the worldwide BDS movement.

Opposition to the policies of the Israeli state does not imply any antagonism whatsoever toward its citizens — in exactly the same way as revulsion at the Supreme Court ruling to obstruct women’s right to control their own bodies can in no way equate with hatred for every citizen and resident within the United States of America.

Moreover, it is conscious slander to say that denouncing Zionist apartheid-style segregation and land theft is in any way anti-Semitic, because Palestinians are Arabs and all Arab peoples are Semites just as as much as all Hebrew peoples.

The Project's website is: The Mapping Project