May Day 2022 on Boston Common

Join us for May Day on Boston Common celebrating a day of solidarity across struggles. The action will be at Liberty Mall across the street from the MA Statehouse on Sunday, May 1st at 1 p.m.

Let’s unite together on May Day, International Workers Day, to celebrate the traditions of struggle by working people and the oppressed worldwide. Let’s celebrate the strikes of millions of farmers and workers of India. Let’s celebrate the victory of striking MNA nurses in Worcester, MA and the union organizing victory of warehouse workers at Amazon in Staten Island, NY. Workers at Starbucks in Boston are Unionizing! May Day is our day to address the climate and ecological emergency and to demand economic security and justice. Let’s stand together to resist the war machine, fight racism, and defend migrants’ rights. For climate justice, housing, healthcare, childcare, education, LGBT and women’s rights. Let’s usher in the spring with fresh energy, mobilizations, and direct action to spread the resistance and fight for a better world. For more info: info@BostonMayDay.org facebook.com/bostonmdc www.bostonmayday.org