The Boston May Day Coalition

We came together to fill in the void produced when no rally was called on May Day 2006 in the City of Boston. In the recent past every May Day was marked by a rally and in particular related to the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers. The links between International Workers Day and the struggle of undocumented immigrant workers coming from all over the world cannot be more clear. We therefore called on all people to come out on May Day and rally in support of the Great National Strike and Boycott called by immigrant organizations throughout the country.

We emphasized the historical aspects of these struggles from the Haymarket Square Affair in 1886 to the massive demonstrations of immigrant workers today in the U.S., in particular the ones started in 2006. We see a clear connection between the struggle for the 8-hours work-day wqged by other migrant workers and the struggle for full rights for all immigrants today.

The partial endorsing organizations (listed in alphabetical order)in 2006 were:

  • Brazilian Workers Center / Centro do Trabalhador Brasileiro
  • Boston-Cambridge Alliance for Democracy
  • Boston May Day Collective
  • Boston Rosa Parks Human Rights Day Committee
  • Centro Presente
  • Chinese Progressive Association
  • City Life / Vida Urbana
  • Community Church of Boston
  • Dominican Development Center
  • Chelsea Uniéndose en Contra de la Guerra
  • Comité de Mujeres en Solidaridad
  • Greater Boston Stop the Wars Coalition
  • Green Rainbow Party
  • Hyde/Jackson Business Association
  • Hyde Square Task Force
  • Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) - Boston
  • International Socialist Organization
  • July 26th Coalition
  • La Rivolta! (Anarcha-Feminist Collective)
  • Latinos for Social Change
  • Lucy Parsons Center
  • Martin Luther King Bolivarian Circle of Boston
  • Massachusetts Global Action
  • National Council of Arab-Americans
  • National Lawyers Guild - Massachusetts Chapter
  • Programa de Solidaridad y Desarrollo de Jóvenes Latinos, AFSC
  • Proyecto Voz, AFSC
  • Quisqueya Foundation
  • Socialist Alternative
  • South Asian Solidarity Network
  • The Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia.

    Please join the coalition and together, in solidarity with our immigrant workers brothers and sisters we will succed in bringing about justice for all workers.

    Our meetings are open to all individuals and groups who support the continued struggles of workers for a better society with the inclusion of immigrant workers.

    United we stand!
    No human being should ever be illegal!
    The people united will never be defeated!

    April 2006

    For more information: email: info [at] bostonmayday.org
    Phone: 617-290-5614 (Spanish/English) or 617-566-2861 (English)