[PAST] Take the day off on May 1! Join the BMDC contingent!

Immediate Permanent Residency for All Who Live Here!
No Human Being is Illegal!

On May 1, 2009 supporters of justice, unity, and strength will be mobilizing in defense of All workers and in particular undocumented migrant workers here in the USA and throughout the world. The U.S. government has been at war with migrant workers, by conducting military style raids and imprisoning thousands of them throughout the country. In the current economic crisis we all face similar problems as working people and the solution lies in building unity among ALL workers and the working class. Let us all stand together demanding jobs for all, a livable wage, affordable housing, health care, childcare, education, and all other human needs. Let’s join and stand together in an international campaign that defends the rights of the 200 million migrant workers worldwide. Let this year bring us a step closer to recovering May Day as our national Labor Day as it is celebrated by millions worldwide commemorating the workers who lost their lives in the May 1st, 1886 mass strike in the U.S.A. and celebrating the achievements of the 8-hour day. Join the Boston May Day Committee contingent that will march from East Boston to Everett.

No to border walls and the criminalization of migrants!
Jobs and Equal Rights for All Workers NOW!

March and Rally
Friday, May 1, 2009 –
Glendale Park, Elm St., Everett, MA 4:30 pm
March from Central Square, East Boston, gathering time 2:00 PM
March from Chelsea City Hall, gathering time 3:00 PM

This event is organized by the May 1st. Coalition of Chelsea, East Boston & Everett and supported by
the Boston May Day Committee.
www.bostonmayday.org - 617-290-5614