[PAST] "Stop the Raids and Deportations!" Booming Demand at May Day Rally 2008 on the Common

While the official evaluation of the May Day Rally and March on the Boston Common is still pending, those who attended indicate that at least 300 people rose their voices to demand an immediate stop of raids and deportations of undocumented migrant workers. The event was marked by speakers that clearly made the connections between the struggles of 1886 that produced our martyrs of Chicago and today, and made it clear that we will continue to work until May 1 is declared, like the rest of the world does, as International Workers Day.

A special note must be dedicated gratefully to all the speakers and musicians that contributed their thoughts and talent to the event. For the first time we had the presence of a wonderful marching band, the "Second Line and Social Aid Pleasure Society Brass Band" that with their music lifted the spirit of all who attended. Likewise we give thanks to Brendan Curran, Bojah and the Insurrection, los Sin Frontera, and Manuel "Papirri" Monroy.

Also special thanks to all the volunteers who covered important areas for a peaceful event from security to the stage. And also thanks to our sound techs who both at the bandstand and during the march and in Copley Square amplified the voices that claim justice for undocumented workers and who do not forget the sacrifices of those who in the past gained for us the 8-hour workday.

Here is a link to a 30 minutes radio report by our friend Chuck U. Rosina. Please note that the file is in mp3 format and you might need a free player, Winamp, to play it. The link is: www.radio4all.net

Links to videos on YouTube:

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(Photo by M. Borkson)