Down with the War, War Economy, & War Governments!

Saturday, December 10 at 1:00 PM
Park Street T Station, Boston MA

Cosponsors as of Dec. 6:

  • United Against War and Militarism
  • Boston May Day Coalition
  • Committee for Peace and Human Rights
  • Encuentro 5
  • International Action Center
  • Chelsea Uniting Against the War
  • Extinction Rebellion Solidarity
  • Assange Defense Boston
  • Revolutionary Marxist Student Group
  • International Marxist Tendency
  • Workers World Party - Boston

Let’s join together in protest against the U.S. and NATO’s continued escalations of the war in the Ukraine. We will also be standing in solidarity with workers in Italy, who will stage a general strike on December 2nd & 3rd against Italy’s participation in the war as well as the worsening economic conditions for the masses that this war is only intensifying.

After 9 months of the proxy war in Ukraine, the crisis facing the masses in Europe and across the world has become increasingly more acute. Gas prices have gone up across the board, food prices are skyrocketing, and the purchasing power of working people is sinking. This is all a result of the dirty game between the “great powers” for global supremacy and the rotting economic system that drives these countries to war.

As the crisis rages on, the U.S. rulers continue to escalate the situation. They have pledged up to $60 billion and counting to the Ukraine, continuing to arm the government and its neo-Nazi wing to the teeth, and most recently have gone boots on the ground. Many so-called “progressives” have shown their true reactionary colors, frequently leading the calls for further escalation. The Russian rulers have gone tit-for-tat in these escalations, coercing the masses into this rich man’s war, and cracking down on any dissent. And as a result of the belligerence of these powers, the threat of nuclear war is now greater than it has been in decades with the survival of the planet hanging in the balance.

But in the face of these worsening conditions and increasing belligerence, the masses are beginning to unite in resistance. In Europe in particular there have been massive protests and strikes in Germany, France, Belgium, Greece; and on Dec 2nd & 3rd, there was a massive strike in Italy. The Italian elites are, of course, responding by cracking down on dissent and banning strikes, proving how all sections of the elite and their political parties are in agreement with the need to crush the will of the people.

There is a lot of inspiration we can take from our Italian brothers and sisters. Their resistance represents an emerging clarity about the nature of this war and the oppressive system that must be amplified across the world. The conditions that Europe faces are conditions we are already dealing with in its early forms today. And this looming crisis requires us to elevate the struggle against the war economy, the war government, the employers imposing these economic conditions, and the imperialist war they all are waging.