The Great American Boycott 2007 - El Gran Paro Americano 2007

From coast to coast, north and south, and beyond our borders, a cry for full legal rights from the immigrant community was heard—throughout the spring of 2006. The cry for justice, dignity, and respect for the millions of undocumented workers was broadly supported because all of us deserve nothing less than full rights. Anti-immigrant politicians and hate mongers say: "Immigrants are a drain on society”. Immigrants contribute $7 billion in social security per year, earn $240 billion, pay $90 billion in taxes, and are only reimbursed $5 billion. Who gets the other $85 billion? Immigrants also contribute to the U.S. economy $25 billion more than received in healthcare, etc., etc. What about the hundreds of billions spent on the war in Iraq?

Millions of immigrants have spoken and millions more understand that: “We are workers, not criminals!” And after all who is not a descendent of immigrants? As working people we all face similar problems and the solutions lie in building unity. Division and scapegoating gets us nowhere. It only draws us into a race to the bottom. Let us all stand together demanding jobs for all, a livable wage, affordable housing, health care, childcare, education, and other vital needs.

We stayed home from work and school. Over two million of us turned out in the streets. Thousands of shops closed. Millions refused to buy— May 1st 2006. May 1st, 2007 is approaching. This time let’s turn out many more and again place our stamp on the intensifying debate. This is the only language that is understood in Washington. Let the nation hear our voice. Let our mass call for immediate legalization be heard around the world.

From the land where May Day was born we call on our sisters and brothers worldwide and ask you to stand together with us in an international campaign defending the rights of the 200 million migrant workers worldwide. We ask working people worldwide to extend your hands in our direction and to add your voices to ours in a celebration of solidarity. This year let International Workers Day be “the day of the migrant worker”— a day when working people came together to say: “United we stand, divided we fall. An injury to one is an injury to all.” Let this year bring us a step closer to recovering May Day as our national Labor Day as it is celebrated by millions worldwide commemorating the May 1st, 1886 mass strike for the 8-hour day.

Join us May 1st for the “Great National Boycott 2007”. We ask family, friends, and neighbors to join together. We call on all who stand for justice to stand together with us in unity and strength— a day without an immigrant— a day for all who seek justice. Together we can change the face of politics. Together we can again make history. Join us May 1st: No Work, No School, No Buying, and No Selling.

Stop the raids and deportations!
No guest workers program!
Full legalization for all undocumented workers and their families, now!