After May Day --- What comes next?

Join in the resistance! On May Day folks had the opportunity to celebrate the worldwide resistance of working people and youth. Folks from different countries and backgrounds participated in the rally and march through downtown Boston. The employers and their government are conducting a generalized assault on our lives, rights, and living conditions. The leading edge of this assault today is the stepped up attacks against migrants. There has been an escalation of racist and xenophobic state repression coming from the centers of power in Washington. In addition, thousands of Massachusetts residents are prevented from having access to driver’s licenses. The 1% and their government seek to maintain a source of cheap labor and use migrant labor to keep down the wages of all of us. They want to divide us and undermine our ability to organize. We must act now and build a fighting movement capable of defending ourselves as working people and youth against the generalized assault. That fight starts by uniting in solidarity with our migrant sisters and brothers. Join us in discussing and developing future plans for engaging in the battles that lie ahead. An injury to one is an injury to all. Pot luck refreshments.