Join in the Resistance – Organizing in 2019

The billionaire class and their government are leading a generalized assault on our lives, rights, and living conditions. The wealth gap continues to grow. 140 million people are living either in poverty or in low income households. The polarization is deepening. Attacks have been launched against Muslims, migrants, women, healthcare, education, affordable housing, our environment, oppressed nationalities, LGBT folks, students, and more.

The recent tax cuts for the rich will be at the expense of our living standards. They will be going after Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and more. Millions of youth and working class people are under attack! The leading edge of this assault today is the stepped up attacks against migrants. Deportations are increasing. 2019 brings increased polarization and challenges which pose opportunities to build a mass fight back movement.

Join with the Boston May Day Coalition as we gather together to look back and evaluate our work in 2018 and discuss our vision for resisting deportations and defending the rights of working people and youth. We will be discussing our short and long term goals as well as the upcoming May Day mobilization which is less than 4 months away. Join us in discussing our tasks, demands, and perspectives. This event will feature pot luck food and beverages.