Boston Delegation to the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi Kenya Proposed Transnational Unity in the Struggle for Migrant Workers Rights in the World

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An important number of different organizations from around the world working for migrant workers rights converged in Nairobi, Kenya during the World Social Forum, from January 20 to the 25. The Boston Delegation introduced a proposal that stressed the need to join forces in the world to confront the injustices of a condition created by contemporary capitalism: large masses of migrant workers desperately seeking work to survive. In that process workers and their families are abused, victimized, exploited and discriminated.

The U.S. has large masses of exploited undocumented workers, nearly 12 millions in all. Yet, the "immigrant rights" movement in the U.S. has not joined in with the rest of the world but it must. We propose that May Day 2007 be a point of departure from that erroneous tactic and ask people of the world to join in a campaign where International Workers Day is dedicated to the rights of migrant workers of the world. Meanwhile, in the US a strike and boycott as the one implemented in 2006 should also be attempted.

The first report-back will take place Friday, March 30, 7pm, at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Avenue, Chinatown, Boston.

Additional funds to support delegation expenses are still needed. Please consider a donation. Checks should be made payable to: CAEF/WSF07, PO BOX 381279, CAMBRIDGE, MA 02238-1279.

More information on the Boston Delegation to the WSF can be found at www.lfsc.org/wsf/ -- About the World Social Forum 2007 in Nairobi www.wsf2007.org