[PAST] Bread and Puppet Theater on May Day 2010 at the Boston Common

We have seen them arriving to different progressive events in their large yellow school bus covered with painted art. Their presence alone gives people a sense of happiness although we know they will be representing deadly serious issues such as imperialist wars, corporate greed and economic crisis, alienation instead of education, exploitation of the poor, persecution of immigrant workers, repression of worker organizers.

This coming May Day they will be in the Boston Common at the May Day Rally with life-size cutouts of the Martyrs of Chicago. George Engel, Adolf Fischer, Albert Parsons, and August Spies, hanged to death by the State of Illinois in 1886. Louis Lingg, also sentenced to death killed himself a day before the execution. Three worker leaders Michael Schwab, Samuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe were sentenced to long prison terms and then pardoned in 1893. Their crimes: to organize workers for the 8-hour work day. They all were anarchists. Bread and Puppets will tell us their story as only they know how.

Cheap Art Philosophy

The Cheap Art movement was launched in 1982 by the Bread and Puppet Theater in direct response to the business of art and its growing appropriation by the corporate sector.

With this fact taken into account art becomes:

“political whether you like it or not…”

Cheap Art hopes to reestablish the appreciation of artistic creation by making it available to a wider audience and inspire anyone to revel in an art making process that is not subject to academic approval or curatorial acceptance.

Why? “Because art is food…”, reads the Why Cheap Art manifesto. Cheap Art ranges in price from 5 cents to 50 dollars. Anyone can participate!

For more information visit wwww.breadandpuppet.org